Work Opportunities

Come join our team!

Are you energetic, enthusiastic, situationally aware, teachable, and a self-starter? 
Then we want you...

Funny Duck Farms is now accepting applications for various fall of 2017 job contract openings. You will work along side us in the operation of a 224-acre Certified Organic farm in Kitley Township, (approximately 1 hour between Kingston and Ottawa). At this time, approximately 70 acres of the farm are worked, and the rest is used as bio-reserve.

We are looking for people to fit a variety of paid positions such as (but not limited to) the following jobs:

Administrative CSA Assistant: Helping with the preparation and packing of weekly CSA totes, inventory, order checking, payment tracking, etc.

Chore Assistant: Helping with basic daily chores, collecting eggs, feeding and watering animals.

Pick up & Delivery Assistant: Driving within 80km of the farm to pick up items for the farm and to assist with farm deliveries in the city of Ottawa. 

General Labour Assistant: Helping with field work, wood cutting, and brush clearing; Building and repair of fences and farm buildings.

Pay for the jobs listed is $15 per hour after training. The contracts available are casual part time, but can lead to full-time contracts. We also offer Winter and Summer Farm Internships. If you would like to learn more, click here.

During your time on the farm, we will teach you, train you, and invest in you.

Qualified applicants will offer the following:

-       We require people that can provide a very high degree of 
        accuracy, and attention to detail.

-       A basic understanding and desire to work with and promote 
        organic sustainable agriculture is a must.

-       Solid work ethic that shines through in good weather and bad, 
        in easy jobs and hard ones too. 

-       Commitment to the farm and challenging work.

-       Ability to work well with others, to manage your own personal 
        emotional needs on your own time, and to be comfortable working in
        our home environment.

-       Childcare for our kids or kids of our other farm helpers will not be
        required of you, but if you do not like kids or being around them, you
        need not apply.

-       A valid drivers license is required.

-       Good health, ability to do physical labour if required of the job
        you are applying for,

-       A sense of humour. 

Please note that experience is helpful, but not required for applicants. Far more important is that you have a willingness and ability to learn, and a desire to be involved in organic agriculture.

After completing a year of internship, we hired on Amanda as a full time employee. Here's what she has to say about working along side us:

"So, why work on a farm? Well, from my experience so far, it is the most diverse, engaging, challenging, fulfilling and just plain fun job I have had so far. Every day something tangible has been accomplished, whether it's packing up organic, soy-free food for families, cleaning out a chicken coop, putting up perimeter fencing for pigs or simply starting seedlings in the greenhouse, there is always a sense of accomplishment. Beside my personal fulfillment, I know that I am helping to care for the soil and animals in the most ecologically sensitive way, improving pastures and growing nutrient-rich food. There is the occasional day that is hot, sweaty and tough, but that's what builds character, and of course, muscle! I love working at Funny Duck Farms. Before my internship in 2014, I couldn't have imagined a more kind, generous and knowledgeable group of people to work with and for." -Amanda K.

Interested? Then send us an email to and please answer the following:

1) What type of job or jobs are you most interested in? 

2) What experience and skills can you bring to the farm?

3) Tell us a little about yourself, why organic agriculture is important to you, and why you'd like to join our team! 

4) Let us know how you found out we were looking for new team members. 

If this doesn’t sound like you but you know someone who would be perfect for our team, please share this with them and encourage them to apply.