Why soybean free?

Why avoid the use of soybeans?


Many years ago, after we had our first baby and began to do more and more reading on good food choices, we chose to remove soybeans from our diet. But not all soybeans. There are many soy products that are fine and healthy for people to eat, such as natto, miso, tamari, tempah, and others. 

These fermented soy products have been a part of Asian cultures for centuries. But what has not been a part of any culture is the way most folks eat soybeans now. Nor the way farms feed them to their livestock.

Soybeans harvested directly off the farmers field and fed to livestock are toxic. So, feed manufactures roast the soy first, so it's less toxic. Problem is, soybeans are easy to grow, and you get more protein per acre than most other crops. Add to that that animals grow and mature faster when they eat it, and it's hard for most farmers to resist using them as a feed source.

We have seen farmer friends grow chickens twice as fast and twice as large as ours, but there are some telling physical differences. One year, we compared their soybean-eating raised on pasture chicken with our soybean-free pasture raised chickens of the same weight. All the chicks were purchased on the same day from the same hatchery, and were managed the same except for they used soy and we didn't. We found that their chickens were short and fat, often had leg problems, had a hard time breathing, dropped dead of heart attacks at the least amount of stress, and reached sexual maturity at a young age. Ours of the same weight were longer, had strong legs, were feisty and fast, matured slower, we had a very low mortality rates, but ours often took twice as long to get to the same weight without the soy.

Sad to say, but we see the same thing with many children nowadays. Many young kids are over weight, have asthma, diabetes, and are reaching puberty at an earlier age. Read the ingredient lists on their lunch 'foods' and you'll understand why.

Faster growing animals are not always the answer. There are very few farms in Canada and the United States that offer soybean-free meats. It is our hope that this situation will improve over the years. We feel that in time, soy feed for animals will in the future be looked upon as GMO feeds are now.

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If you are willing and obedient, 
     you will eat the best from the land. 
Isaiah 1:19