Why pasture raised?

Why raise animals outdoors?

Animals need space, fresh air, sunshine, and lots of natural environment. Be it forests, fields, or ponds, animals need the right kind of place in order to grow right. 

All year round you will see our happy beasts and birds enjoying life outdoors when you come to visit our farm, living on grass in summer and on cut hay in winter. What you will NOT see is the indoor, windowless factory confinement situations that most of the meat's at our grocery stores are raised in, nor will you see over-crowded livestock living in muck. (It does get very muddy here in the spring & fall though!)

Funny Duck Farms is your way to opt out of that animal intensive, failing food system.

Our certified organic pastured meats and eggs deliver a taste and quality that is exceptional. Why? Because when you allow a chicken to live like a real chicken, it makes for a GREAT tasting chicken! Same goes for our pastured eggs, pastured lamb, and pastured pork.

If a person were to talk to their health care provider about bad cholesterol levels for example, the advice would be something like: "Eat more veggies, exercise, reduce your stress, and spend more time outdoors."

So, when animals are raised indoors in crowded conditions and fed improper foods what do you think happens? Nothing good.

When we allow animals to be raised outdoors they can exhibit all their natural God given tendencies! Chickens will peck and scratch at the grass finding seeds and insects to meet their high protein requirements, and dust in the earth to prevent parasites. Cows will munch everything green in sight, and be able to scratch that itch on their back with the branches and trunks of trees. Pigs can root through the woods, finding grubs and other succulent things, wallow in mud, and bask in the sun.

The closest our animals ever get to 'confinement' are ten minutes a day at milking, but the cows willingly trot into the barn, and are never even tethered. Young day old chicks are given a large brooder coop with natural light and a heat lamp until their feathers grow in at two weeks of age. And our pigs are never confined. That is a fools errand, and a great way to wreck a barn!

Seems such a natural state of affairs, to provide animals with the right kind of outdoor living space. And seems criminal to keep high numbers of them crowded indoors in windowless barns in the name of profit, without any thought to their comfort or happiness, or to the impact on our planet. Putting animals into small outdoor pens is only marginally better. We avoid both of those situations on our farm.

Raised outdoors and given the amenities they require, our animals are healthy, vital and strong. We've never used any type of antibiotic on any of the animals living on our farm. We've also never had to resort to toxic chemical de-wormers, or other health harming substances. Chemical 'health' treatments like those will weaken animals over time. More importantly, you are what you eat. So be sure that you are well versed in the diet of everything you eat!

And the icing on the cake? The meat from animals raised this way is better for you and the environment than any other kind! It will be higher in Vitamins A & D. It will be higher in antioxidants. It will have healthier fats, and more CLA's. It will be more filing, and taste better. It can help heal the land, not destroy it. Now who wants some bacon?

There is a right time for everything… 
     A time to plant, and a time to harvest…