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The Farm Pantry will be open from Wednesday, January 20th to the morning of Monday, January 25th.

Home Delivery will take place on Wednesday, January 27th.

We offer free zero-contact food drops to your door in our Ottawa delivery area which includes Smiths Falls, Merrickville, Carleton Place, North Gower, Stittsville, Greely, and Kemptville for orders over $70.

You do not require a username or password to place an order when the Farm Pantry is open to the public.

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For orders over $100, be sure to pick a free item to add to your order from our Freebie List!

1. Freebie for Orders over $100

If your order is over $100, please select a single item from this category, and we'll add it to your order free of charge!

Hogget Shank ($0.00)
Hogget Ribs ($0.00)
Smoked Sea Salt, 8oz ($0.00)
Bag of Suet/Tallow ($0.00)
a. Aged Cheeses

We can only stock this seasonal aged cheese when it is available from our certified organic cheese maker. Our cheese maker has offered this to us at a great rate!

Cheese is available in approx 1/2 pound and approx 3 pound pieces (the blocks are often larger than 3 pounds).

Whole wheels are available. Please contact us for details.

Cheddar, large block ($45.00)
Gouda, large block ($45.00)
Gouda Sun-dried Tomato & Garlic, large block ($45.00)
Gouda w/ Chili peppers, large block ($45.00)
Gouda w/ Nettles, large block ($45.00)
Cheddar, small piece ($9.00)
Gouda, small piece ($9.00)
Gouda w/ Sun-dried Tomato & Garlic, small piece ($9.00)
Gouda w/ Chili peppers, small piece ($9.00)
Gouda w/ Nettles, small piece ($9.00)
Wheel of cheese ($0.00)
a. Herb & Spice Rubs

Simon & Garfunkel - Just like the song: Parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme.

Little Italy - Perfect for Italian dishes

Smoked Coconut Curry - Made with curry spices, and freshly ground coconut

Smoked Cajun - A mild cajun flavour, with applewood smoked sea salt

Herbs de provence - A tradition blend of herbs, made into a spice rub.

$6 spice rubs come in 125ml jars, $5 spice rubs are in paper.

Little Italy, bag ($5.00)
Herbes de Provence, bag ($5.00)
Smoked Cajun, bag ($5.00)
Smoked Coconut Curry, bag ($5.00)
Simon & Garfunkel, jar ($6.00)
Smoked Coconut Curry, jar ($6.00)
Smoked Cajun, jar ($6.00)
Little Italy, jar ($6.00)
Herbes de Provence, jar ($6.00)
Simon & Garfunkel, bag ($5.00)
a. Herbal Remedies

We have wild herbs growing on our farm that are very useful when made into herbal tinctures. If you would like to know more about what each tincture is for and how to use them, just ask! 

Catnip Tincture ($8.00)
Motherwort Tincture ($8.00)
St. John's Wort Tincture ($8.00)
a. Skin Care

Learn more about our herbal skin care products here

Herbal Beeswax Salves, tin ($5.00)
Sugar Scrubs, 4oz jar ($5.00)
Healing Skin Oil, 4oz jar ($7.00)
Herbal Bathsoak, 8oz bag ($3.00)
a. Smoked Sea Salt

Perfect to add a hint of smokey flavour to soups, stews, and casseroles.

As jars are becoming harder to source, Smoked Sea Salt comes bagged in a 8oz or 12oz size.

8oz Smoked Sea Salt ($8.00)
12 oz Smoked Sea Salt ($10.00)
f. Chicken Parts

Our friends at Severn Sunset secured some chicken parts for us! And unlike the ones we accidentally listed for free this summer, the price has been added to these ones!


Chicken Necks, 11 pounds ($50.00)
f. Dexter Baby Beef Cuts

Veal is labeled DBB or Dexter Baby Beef.

Learn more about our baby beef and how we raise it here

Steak, 9 ($9.00)
Steak, 8 ($8.00)
Steak, 7 ($7.00)
Brisket, 9 ($9.00)
Skirt Steak, 4 ($4.00)
Osso buco, 10 ($10.00)
f. Dexter Baby Beef Ground & Ribs
Ground, 11 ($11.00)
Ground, 9 ($9.00)
Ground, 10 ($10.00)
Ribs, 19 ($19.00)
Ribs, 18 ($18.00)
Ribs, 17 ($17.00)
Ribs, 14 ($14.00)
Ribs, 12 ($12.00)
Ribs, 11 ($11.00)
Ribs, 9 ($9.00)
f. Dexter Baby Beef Roasts & Bones
Roast, 35 ($35.00)
Roast, 28 ($28.00)
Roast, 24 ($24.00)
Roast, 23 ($23.00)
Roast, 22 ($22.00)
Roast, 19 ($19.00)
Soup Bones ($10.00)
f. Dexter Beef Cuts

Our certified organic beef comes from our hardy herd of pasture-raised Dexter Cattle. Dexters are known for their flavourful, rich beef.

All Dexter beef steaks are from the loin unless otherwise indicated. (The number following the name of various cuts is there for inventory purposes only)

Ribs, 13 ($13.00)
Osso Buco, 5 ($5.00)
Skirt, 22 ($22.00)
Steak, 15 ($15.00)
Steak, 10 ($10.00)
Steak, 8 ($8.00)
f. Dexter Beef Ground & Stew

The number following the name of various cuts is there for inventory purposes only

Ground, 14 ($14.00)
Ground, 13 ($13.00)
Ground, 12 ($12.00)
f. Dexter Beef Organs & Bones

Not sure how to prepare organ meats? Ask us how!

Soup Bones ($10.00)
Beef Suet ($5.00)
f. Hogget

“Hogget is simply lamb with wanderlust and a decent education."

-Tom Parker Bowles, Let’s Eat Meat

Our Hogget, which is just a hair too old to be considered lamb, but far far too young to be even close to mutton, is wonderful! It's great slow roasted, and chops are perfect pan fried or grilled. Try some chops today and see what you think! Chops are usually in packages of 4.

(The number following the name of various cuts is there for inventory purposes only)

Leg Roast, 44 ($44.00)
f. Lamb Cuts

Our Katahdin lamb is tender and juicy! Chops are usually in packs of 4. (The number following the name of various cuts is there for inventory purposes only)

4 pack of Shanks ($30.00)
f. Lamb Roasts & Ribs
Leg Roast, 50 ($50.00)
Leg Roast, 48 ($48.00)
Leg Roast, 29 ($29.00)
Leg Roast, 27 ($27.00)
Leg Roast, 24 ($24.00)
Leg Roast, 23 ($23.00)
Ribs, 18 ($18.00)
Ribs, 15 ($15.00)
Ribs, 11 ($11.00)
Ribs, 10 ($10.00)
Ribs, 8 ($8.00)
Veggies 1

In addition to our own crops, we also source in vegetables from some of our local farmer friends on other certified organic farms, such as Bluegrass Farm, Ferme Rosee, and Patchwork Farm. The selection will vary with the seasons, but there will always be a variety of veggies to choose from.

Onions are returning soon!

Bagged Beets, Purple ($4.00)
Bagged Beets, Candy ($4.00)
Bagged Beets, Gold ($4.00)
Bagged Purple Diakon Radish ($4.00)
Bagged Orange Carrots ($4.00)
Bagged Rainbow Carrots ($4.00)
Bagged Watermelon Radish ($4.00)
Veggies 2 *Bulk, No plastic*
Bulk Beets Purple, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Beets Candy, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Beets Gold, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Purple Diakon Radish, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Watermelon Radish, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Orange Carrots, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Veggies 5
Bagged Coleslaw Mix ($4.00)
Micro Greens, bagged ($4.50)
Pea Shoots, bagged ($4.50)
z. Delivery Fee

A $10 fee will be applied to delivery orders under $70

Delivery Fee ($10.00)
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