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Minimum order for home or office delivery is $100. If your order is under this amount, a $20 delivery fee will apply.

Please place orders between 9am Saturday to 8am Monday for delivery the same week. If the pantry is accessible outside these times, please do not order as it interferes with the inventory and increases the likelihood or errors in your tote.

Regarding ALL items listed in the Pantry:
Although much care is taken to keep things separate, all items produced on farm and off may have come into contact with nuts, soya, sesame, wheat and/or mustard. 

**Whole Farm CSA Members, be sure to read your latest farm update from Friday, November 15th**

1. Eggs

Eggs are available for pick up at the farm gate only. 

Eggs, FARM GATE ONLY ($8.00)
a. Aged Cheeses

We can only stock this seasonal cheese aged when it is available from our certified organic cheese maker. Our cheese maker has offered this to us at a great rate, a full dollar less than it sells for at market! No limits on cheese.

Aged Cheddar 1/2 pound ($8.00)
Aged Gouda 1/2 pound ($8.00)
Aged Chili Pepper Gouda ($8.00)
Aged Cheddar with Garlic & Chive ($8.00)
c. Herb & Spice Rubs

Simon & Garfunkel - Just like the song: Parsley, sage, rosemary, & thyme.

Little Italy - Perfect for Italian dishes

Smoked Coconut Curry - Made with curry spices, and freshly ground coconut*

Smoked Cajun - A mild cajun flavour, with applewood smoked sea salt*

Herbs de provence - A tradition blend of herbs, made into a spice rub.

All spice rubs come in 125ml jars. 

Simon & Garfunkel ($6.00)
Herbes de Provence ($6.00)
Little Italy ($6.00)
Smoked Cajun ($6.00)
Smoked Coconut Curry ($6.00)
c. Verdurette

Verdurette is quite simply, vegetable bullion. This batch was made with chopped veggies like kale, chard, mizuna, arugula, and dandelion. Then it’s blended with sea salt to preserve it. Add a teaspoon or two to soups, sauces, pasta, or anything else that strikes your fancy! 

500ml Jar ($10.00)
250ml jar ($6.00)
d. Herbal Remedies

We have wild herbs growing on our farm that are very useful when made into herbal tinctures. Enjoy them while supplies last. 

Echinacea Tincture ($8.00)
St. John's Wort Tincture ($8.00)
Motherwort Tincture ($8.00)
Horsetail Tincture ($8.00)
Catnip Tincture ($8.00)
d. Skin Care

Learn more about our herbal skin care products here. Bathsoaks are in 500ml jars.

Herbal Beeswax Salves, 2oz ($5.00)
Washing Grains, 4oz ($3.00)
Sugar Scrubs, 4oz ($4.00)
Herbal Bathsoak, 8oz ($5.00)
f. Beef Organs & Bones

Our certified organic beef comes from our hardy herd of grass-fed Dexter Cattle. Dexters are known for their flavourful, rich beef.  

Beef Suet, Medium ($10.00)
Beef Liver ($5.00)
Beef Soup Bones, medium ($8.00)
f. Beef Roast, Cuts, etc.

Roasts are approximately 2.5 - 3 pounds in weight, stew cubes and ground are approximately 1 pound per pack. There are 2 half pound steaks per pack,  flank and skirt steaks are packaged as singles weighing 1 pound, beef ribs are roughly 1 pound per pack.

***Stew Cubes make fantastic crock-pot sloppy joes***

Beef, Ground ($14.00)
Beef Stew ($14.00)
Beef Ribs, approx 1 pound ($14.00)
Beef Ribs, approx 1.5 pound ($20.00)
Beef Pot Roast ($25.00)
f. Lamb & Mutton Cuts

Please note that flank and skirt steaks from lamb and mutton are VERY tiny. Shanks vary in size depending on the age and gender of the animal.

Mutton is lovely when slow cooked, and minced mutton and stew have a wonderful flavour.  We raise Katahdin sheep which do not have an overly strong taste, so you may not even notice that it isn't lamb!

Lamb Chops, approx 1 pound ($13.00)
Lamb Ribs ($10.00)
Lamb Bones ($8.00)
Lamb Heart/Kidney ($3.00)
Lamb Liver ($3.00)
f. Lamb & Mutton Roasts

Lamb & Mutton Roasts are roughly 2 to 3 pounds in weight

Lamb Leg Roast ($35.00)
Lamb Loin Roast ($20.00)
Lamb Shoulder Roast ($35.00)
f. Pork Cuts

Ground pork and hock pieces are roughly 1 pound per pack; Whole hocks are roughly 3 - 4 pounds; pork jowls are 1.5 - 2.5 pounds each; fresh pork belly slabs or slices are roughly 2.25 pound per pack.

*Ground Pork makes a better burger than beef does*

Pork Belly Slab, 2 pounds ($24.00)
Whole Pork Hock ($14.00)
Pork, ground ($14.00)
f. Pork Fat

Back fat is perfect for any type of frying, Leaf lard is excellent for pastry making, and Caul fat is traditionally used for covering fowl when roasting. We also offer already rendered & ready to use back fat and leaf lard in 250ml and 500ml jars. Rendered fat is only available at the farm gate.

Rendered Back Fat, 500ml FARMGATE ONLY ($12.00)
Un-rendered Leaf Lard, small ($5.00)
f. Pork Organs & Bones

The photo of the hogs head shown here was taken by one of our farm helpers who was at a market in South America. 


Pork Liver ($4.00)
Pork Heart/Tongue ($4.00)
Pork Ears ($3.00)
Pork Trotters ($5.00)
Pork Tails ($3.00)
f. Veal

Due to the stamps at the butcher, veal is labeled beef, but will have a 'v' or 'veal' written on it in marker. Please note: Skirt and flank steaks are very tiny.

Learn more about our veal and how we raise it here.

Veal Chops ($10.00)
Veal, Ground ($12.00)
Veal Roast ($30.00)
Veal Flank Steak ($3.00)
Veal Osso Bucco ($7.00)
g. Frozen Bread

Freshly frozen bread from Aman Farms! Many of these loaves are made with local grains. Please contact us for ingredient lists. 

Milk Bread Loaf ($7.00)
Veggies 1

In addition to our own crops, we also source in vegetables from some of our local farmer friends on other certified organic farms, such as Bluegrass Farm and Patchwork Farm. The selection will vary with the seasons, but there will always be a variety of veggies to choose from.

Cabbage, Green ($6.00)
Bagged Beets, Candy ($3.00)
Bagged Beets, Gold ($3.00)
Bagged Beets, Purple ($3.00)
Bagged Fingerling potatoes, 2lbs ($8.00)
Bagged Orange Carrots ($3.00)
Bagged Watermelon Radish ($3.25)
Bagged White Diakon Radish ($3.25)
Bagged Purple Diakon Radish ($3.25)
Bagged Purple Top Turnips ($3.25)
Bagged White Salad Turnips ($3.25)
Veggies 2 *Bulk, No bags*

Plastic-free veg

Bulk Beets Candy, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Beets Gold, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Beets Purple, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Rainbow Carrots, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Orange Carrots, 5 pounds ($16.00)
Bulk Fingerling Potatoes, 5 pounds ($23.50)
Bulk Purple Top Turnip, 5 pounds ($17.25)
Bulk White Salad Turnips, 5 pounds ($17.25)
Bulk Watermelon Radish, 5 pounds ($17.25)
Bulk White Diakon Radish, 5 pounds ($17.25)
Bulk Purple Diakon Radish, 5 pounds ($17.25)
Veggies 3
Yellow Onions, each ($1.25)
Red Onions, each ($1.25)
Veggies 5
Microgreens, bagged ($4.50)
Pea Shoots, bagged ($4.50)
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