Who we are and what we do

Welcome to Funny Duck Farms!

Are looking for real food? A farm that respects the animals, as well as the land, water, and air? Then you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about who helps keep the farm running, and helps keep your fridge and freezer full. As well, be sure to check out our Farm History page to learn how we got to where we are now.

Mr. Funny Duck (Owner)

Mr. Funny Duck has a true love of the land, and can do almost anything if he sets his mind to it. In days long past, 100 men would build a barn in a day. This man took 100 days to singlehandedly build a barn! 

It was he that provided the majority of horse power needed on our farm for 10 years before our first tractor was ever purchased. When it needed to be done, Mr. Funny Duck moved walls, round bales, stalled vehicles, and more. Building and maintaining our farms coops, barns, fences, and gardens is all his domain. And he has the caluses on his hands to show for it!

In Mr. Funny Duck's photo, (click on it to make it larger) he is holding the weasel that killed about half a dozen young hens a day until it was finally cornered by our farm dog, who is in the bottom right hand of the photo. 

Mrs. Funny Duck (Owner)

Mrs. Funny Duck is responsible for milking the cows twice a day, finding things to do with all that milk, and taking care of the farm's paperwork. If you can't find her working in the barn or milk kitchen Mr. Funny Duck built for her, you can find her running farming workshops or consulting with other farmers to help them get their farm started up.

Mrs. Funny Duck is pictured with one of her sweet Jersey cows, Yanna.

Aunt Funny Duck (Farm Manager)

After flying in from England in the spring of 2013, Aunt Funny Duck has been instrumental to the farms daily goings on. She manages the second farm location, helping to raise cattle, sheep, turkeys, ducks and chickens.

In her picture, Aunt Funny Duck is gazing upon the newly harvested hay fields behind her home, happy that haying is done for another year! 

The Funny Ducklings (creators of havoc, and junior learners)

Our three children were all born and raised on the farm. Our eldest is almost always willing to help with the cooking, cleaning, and babysitting. Our middle child is the peacemaker, and makes sure there is always a balance between work and play. And the youngest is a true farmer, as he's been helping with the farm chores since the day he began walking.

In thier picture, our little ducklings are rolling down a hill in barrels that we store feed in. When there isn't enough snow for a toboggan, they discovered the empty barrles do the trick nicely!