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Toad in the hole

This is an easy to prepare and fast meal that is a favourite in our family. I've described the basic method on how to prepare it, as well as ways to change it up a bit. You can halve or double the recipe as required. 

3 cups flour, 
3 cups milk,
1/2 tsp of salt
3 − 6 eggs, (lots of eggs makes for a heavy dish, fewer makes a lighter dish)
1 − 2 links of pork sausage
Seasonings (you can add rosemary, parsley, or anything else that strikes your fancy)

- Fry up the one or two links of sausage in a pan, and add a quarter cup of water. Cook the links only until they are no longer pink inside, then slice them into thin coins. 

-While the sausage is cooking, take an oven proof dish and add about 2 −3 tablespoons of back fat. Place the dish into your oven on the centre rack and turn the heat to at least 450C. While the oven preheats and the dish warms up, mix up the flour, milk, salt and seasonings.

-Add the sausage coins and pan juices to the batter, and stir. 

-Remove the hot pan from the oven, being careful not to spill the hot fat, and pour the batter into the dish. Place back into the oven and cook for about 10 − 20 minutes, or until the centre is fully cooked, and the batter has puffed up and browned. 

Serve immediately. 

-Add chopped greens to the batter
-Instead of sausage, use any left over meat, or small cubes of cheese
-Add leftover roasted veggies to the batter

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