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Stewed Hen

Stewing hen has a much stronger chicken flavour, but also requires a moist and slow cooking method. Stewing hens loan themselves well to crock pots and braising pans. In this recipe, you can also use a cockerel in place of a stewing hen. Thankfully, stewing hen will also loan itself well to 'forget-about-it' cooking techniques. Here is a simple method to get you started.


1 stewing hen, carrots, onions, celery, potatoes, salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, and other vegetables and seasonings to your personal preference.  Optional ingredients: pearl barley or rice


After washing it off, cut your thawed stewing hen into pieces. Don't know how to cut up a chicken? Then click here.

Place the chopped veggies on the bottom of the crock pot or braising dish.

Place chicken pieces on top of the veggies. If you are using barley, add it now. If you are using rice, it is best added in the last two hours.  

Cover with water or vegetable stock.

Add salt, pepper, thyme, marjoram, and any other seasonings you like.

Turn your crock pot on and let it cook away for about 6 − 8 hours on high, and 8 − 10 hours on low. If using a covered braising pot in the oven, assume about 8 hours at 250 degrees. 

You know it's done when the meat is falling off the bone.


-Make dumplings to serve with the stew

-Serve the dish with whole pieces of chicken mixed into the stew, or remove the chicken from the pot and separate the meat from the skin and bones. Add the meat back to the stew and serve. 

-Turn this into an amazing curry dish by adding cumin and curry for seasoning, and chickpeas and lentils instead of barley or rice.




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