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Chorizo and Egg Wraps

In a hot oiled pan, scramble your eggs. We like to fry in lard from our pastured pigs, and add in some onions to sautee in the fat before we add the eggs. Get creative and add some diced peppers if you like! If you are cooking with cast iron, you can take them off the heat just before they are finished, as they will finish cooking in the pan. 

Meanwhile in a separate pan break up the chorizo sausage over low heat and stirring occasionally. Drain off any liquid, then combine the cooked sausage with the scrambled eggs.

Now that one pan is empty, but still hot, toast your tortillas. Add the egg and sausage mix, top with cheese and fresh herbs, wrap it up and enjoy!

Excellent as is, or with a side of fresh slasa and homemade sour cream. You can also substitue and other type of sausage in this recipe. Our kids like Maple or Bratwurst.

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