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Butterfly chop Stir Fry

Here is a simple recipe that uses only a small amount of meat. We used a butterfly chop, but you could use almost any type of chop or steak, schnitzel, or even chicken or seafood.


This is what we had on hand, but feel free to get creative depending on what's in your pantry and fridge.
1 pork butterfly chop
1 onion
Back Fat for frying
Bean Sprouts
Sticky Rice
Tamari and Fish Sauce
Bone Broth

Optional ingredients: garlic, spinach, sesame seeds, zucchini, or what ever else you like!


Melt some back fat in a cast iron skillet or wok. Add the onions, chopped any way you like, and sautee lightly. Cut the butterfly chop into strips, and add to the onions.

Stir fry ingredients I used more onions than this, but they were already in the pan when I took the photo. If I was to add garlic, I would crush it and add it with the onions.

Once the meat is partially cooked, add a dash of fish sauce and tamari. 

Top with bean sprouts, then with rice. I used left over sticky rice from supper the night before. Pour on some broth, I used chicken. I would also use beef, pork, veal, or veggie stock. Chicken just happened to be what was on the stove at the time.

Cover and let steam until the bean sprouts soften a bit, and the rice is warm. Mix it all up and serve. You can add more tamari if you like. 

The pork with the protein rich sprouts make this a filling meal. 

Stir fry If I was adding fresh chopped spinach to this, I would add it just a few minutes before serving. Zucchini I would add with the bean sprouts.



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