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About alternative cuts

-When pork jowls are sliced thin, they fry up just like bacon.  

-Smoked hocks are an excellent substitution for small ham roasts, or in any recipe that calls for pieces or cubes of ham.  

-Fresh hocks, osso bucco, and shanks are an amazing alternative to stew cubes. The bone pulls out easily once the meat is fully cooked.  

Not sure what to do with some of these unusual parts? Try these links:

Hogs Head, (this link shows one of our own hogs heads being used by someone for food)

- A traditional way to prepare pork Trotters and, Pork Tail

- Roasts from grass-fed animals are best prepared with slow cooking methods like braising. Click here to learn an easy way to prepare roasts.   

- Poultry feet are great added to soup stock (which you can learn to make here). There are lots of Asian inspired dishes you can make with them too, here is a tasty one!