Our Heritage Hogs

Woodland and Pasture Raised...

We are very pleased to be able to offer you Ontario's only
Certified Organic Soybean-free Heritage Breed
Woodland & Pasture Raised Pork!

A number of years ago, we purcahse breeding stock. Our boars are purebred Berkshire hogs. Our sows are Berkshire/Tamworth, and possibly there may have been some English Large Black at some point. They are like many heritage pigs rolled into one! Feel free to insert some kind of 'Pigs-in-a-blanket' joke here.

All of our pork is certified organic, and all our pigs are raised without the use of Soybeans. We don't eat soy in our house, so why should our animals?

If you have given up on what the grocery store is calling "the other white meat" our dark, flavourful pork will bring you culinary bliss! In the summer our pigs have a few acres of Certified Organic woodlands and meadows to roam, root and rummage. They will root up large areas of soil, and leave us beautiful land that has been weeded, stone picked, tilled, fertilized and ready to become new pasture. Their summer and autumn diet consists of grass, apples, cull-vegetables, roots and grubs with a side of local Certified Organic SOY-FREE grain.  

During the summer, the pigs winter area is replanted with root vegetables and other crops so the breeding pigs and laying hens have something to munch on when they return to the winter area in the late fall. In years of drought, or summers of heavy rain and mud, the winter area does not grow back as well, so then we find other ways to keep our pigs happy, often in the form of our certified organic round bales that the hogs love to burrow into. New areas of overgrown forest will be used when the winter areas have not recovered from drought.

Our pigs also receive skim milk & whey year round from our Certified Organic dairy cows. As they are monogastrics and omnivores, we also make sure that our pigs meals are pre-soaked for 12 hours before they dine. This makes the grains in their meal more digestable.

Berkshires are known for their excellent textured, savoury, well marbled pork, and quality back fat. It is the fat that allows you to create that perfect-crispy-on-the-outside-tender-on-the-inside roast in your very own kitchen. Berkshire pork is what you will find on the plates of the Royal Family of Windsor Castle. Tamworth's are well known as bacon pigs, and for their superb meat. Help keep these rare breeds alive by adding them to your grocery list today!

Our pork is available through our Whole Farm CSA program.