Our Hens and Eggs

Certified Organic soybean-free and raised on pasture eggs!

Our hens free-range on over 10 acres of Certified Organic land that has both pasture and wooded areas. Even in the winter, the hens love to spend their days outside! Forage is supplemented with a local Certified Organic SOY-FREE grain feed. Find out why we don't use soy here.

Our pastures are now rotated by means of a portable “egg-mobile” in the summer months, and winter housing consists of shelter with a large outdoor area that well exceeds Canadian Organic Standards. This year, when the hens are out pasturing, we will plant them a garden in their winter area that they can return to in the late fall. When that runs out, they will be given grass hay to suppliment their need for greens.

Pastured eggs are naturally rich in folic acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. They have sublime, deep coloured yolks during the summer months when there is ample vegetation available to the hens, and in the winters their firm-easily-whipped-into-meringue-whites are superb. Although, we have noticed that our own certified organic hay helped keep those yolks pretty nice last winter!

We keep Shaver Red Chickens (a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Plymouth Rock), a breed from right here in Ontario, and we also have a few heritage breed hens that we keep about to add colour and diversity. These heritage breeds also like to hatch their own eggs, which is great fun! 

Our eggs are exceptional and have always sold quickly. The best way to ensure you get yours is through our Whole Farm CSA.

When our pasture raised hens have finished serving us their wonderful eggs, they just keep on giving. Stewing hen is great for … stewing of course! If you’ve never had the pleasure of making stock with a stewing hen you are in for a treat. The meat will be quite firm on these birds which is why they require slow cooking, but very high in complex amino acids and fully flavoured.  Impress your family and friends with the finest stock and stews you’ve ever made!

In the autumn, we also offer ready to use soup stock made from our stewing hens. 

Please Note: Eggs are available at the farm gate only.