Our Grass-fed Beef

Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef

The second cow we ever bought was a Dexter. A registered purebred, Winnie had great milking conformation. She gave us a heifer calf in the spring of 2013, and just prior to that, we added a herd of Dexter beef cows to our farm.

Excellent dual purpose cows, Dexters are small hardy cattle, and are perfect for organically managed farms that require both meat and milk. Dexter meat tends to be darker than other breeds, and for a small cow they are packed with flavour. These sturdy little cows need only grass and hay to fatten, and health issues are rare. Dexter Calves

Dexters are a heritage breed, and on the rare breeds list in Canada. We are registered breeders of milking Dexter cattle. We occasionally have registered breeding stock for sale. Please contact us for details.

Our Dexter meat is available through our Whole Farm CSA