Our CSA Program

Local, Certified Organic, Year Round, Soybean-free, All you need.

Our award winning, customizable, one of a kind Whole Farm CSA is like owning your own farm  without having to get up early 7 days a week to care for the animals, the gardens, the crops, the hay, or even do the paperwork required to run a farm. We love what we do, and it brings us great joy to raise everything to its best potential, living naturally the way God intended.

What do you get?
In return for your weekly CSA fee, you will receive the bounty of our farm delivered to your door. Pastured meats like beef, veal, pork, lamb, chicken, and duck; rich-yolked chicken and duck eggs; vegetables (more than 30 types over the year), honey, maple syrup, herbs, beeswax salves, and much more throughout our year round Whole Farm CSA season. Click here to see what types of things we usually have available during the year.

Unlike most traditional CSA's that provide predominantly veggies, we offer a much wider range of foods and also offer our CSA members a selection of other organic food stuffs to round out their weekly meals such as: Aged cheeses, maple syrup, honey, sauerkraut, herbal skin care items, and more 

How much do I get each week?
Our CSA is an 'order what you need' style CSA. While we do place some limits on particularly hard to grow or rare foods, we also encourage members to take extra when there are times of abundance.

It is seasonal?
Yes! The quantity and variety of what's available over the course of the year changes seasonally. So, if you want out of season tomatoes or potatoes, and steak and chops every week, this is not the CSA for you! Supermarkets on every corner brimming with all sorts of stale, shipped in from thousands of miles away, out of season food have caused most of us to forget what seasonal eating means. However, seasonal eating is dining at it's finest; Veggies are at their freshest, meats at their prime, and we all get to respect the environment with every mouthful!

How long is our Whole Farm CSA season?
Our Whole Farm CSA runs 50 weeks of the year, so you can receive our farm fresh foods year round. There are no deliveries for the two weeks near Christmas and New Years, but we do occasionally offer a holiday box for purchase at the farm gate for our CSA members. New CSA members can join any time during the year as long as we have space to add them. 

Is there a risk?
With any CSA program is there is a risk factor that the farmer and consumer share. If it's a bad growing season, there will be less variety. But, in a good year, there is great bounty so when there is surplus of anything we produce, we encourage you to enjoy it!

As our farm is very diverse and because we have teamed up with other local certified organic farms, we have found that there is always lots of food available for our members. Unless your family wants to eat only tenderloin and steak each week, and never any roasts, ground meats or stew cubes, there will always be lots of food for your table.

Thanks to the diversity of our farm and our unique CSA, we have weathered the ups and downs of seasonal production very well. Our members over the years have always been very happy with what they have received, and our renewal rate is about 90%, whereas the average CSA has a renewal rate of 40% to 50%. Some of our CSA members have been with us since we started our first CSA in 2009!

What kind of CSA members are we looking for?
We are looking specifically for members who want to opt out of mindless factory farm style eating. If you or your family eats meat as a main protein source every day or multiple times each day, we cannot accommodate you as it is unsustainable for our farm to grow meat on that type of scale. Meat is extremely expensive, difficult, environmentally and emotionally demanding to raise, and as such needs to be respected.

Most of our CSA families rely on a generous supply of eggs most of the year, with meat being featured on their table about 4 days a week. We encourage whole animal eating for our members, and we are always happy to share with you ways to cook cuts you may not be familiar with. We have had many members join the CSA to discover they prefer the unusual cuts over the traditional ones. 

Click on this link to consider some questions to see if our CSA is right for you.

Will the CSA minimize food waste?
Yes! Our members have access to our private online CSA Pantry where they can customize their weekly totes by selecting from all the foods we produce on our farm and have available that week.

You decide how much or how little you need each order, so you can avoid waste and reduce your  carbon footprint. We have even had a few of our members turn off extra freezers and fridges, as regular delivery meant they no longer needed the extra space to accommodate sides of beef, pork, and lamb, or bulk orders of poultry.

Year round grass fed animals! We are very pleased to offer our animals grass and sprouts year round. We have the ability to sprout various types of seeds all year long, which is going to reduce our farms carbon footprint even further, and the health and happiness of our animals will be even higher than it already is! Using freshly sprouted grass in the fall, winter, and spring means we are less reliant on hay, we can graze our fields more efficiently during the growing season, and we are even helping various species at risk to become more prolific in our area. Want to learn more? Just ask us!

The Shares:
Our pricing reflects the cost of the food we are producing combined with your household size. The larger the household, the more food you consume. A single person will not need as much food per week as a family of five. Each person living in your household full-time must be a member of the CSA. The weekly CSA fee includes home delivery if you fall into our regular delivery route.

The cost for the 1st adult membership is $100 per week. An adult is anyone 19 years or older. We offer a seniors discount.

The 2nd adult is $75 per week, and a 3rd and any subsequent adults are $40 per week. 

Children aged 0 to 4 years of age eat free.

Children aged 5 to 18 years pay $1 per year of age, per week. For example, a 5 year old costs $5 per week, a 6 year old is $6 per week, etc.

Where can I pick up my weekly share?
We offer home delivery on Wednesdays to CSA Members that are on our regular delivery route. Additional charges may apply for those that are too far a distance from our area or route. As we add more members to your area, delivery will then be included in your CSA price. In cases of holidays or inclement weather, deliveries might be rescheduled to an alternate day of the week, usually Thursday.

What are my payment options?
Payment for your Whole Farm CSA share is due weekly on Mondays before delivery, (deliveries are on Wednesdays). You can pay by cash (in person), or cheque, or email money transfer. Lump sum payments can be made on your yearly CSA amount in increments of $1000, up to maximum of $3000. For new members, a $50 credit will be applied to your annual fees for each $1000 paid in advance up to a maximum of $150, and for returning members, $100 will be applied to your fees for each $1000 up to a maximum of $300. Please contact us for further details.

How do I find out more or join up?
We occasionally have space to add new members to our CSA. You can click here to register for the waiting list. We offer up to a three week trial for those that want a taste before committing to the program. As our CSA runs year round, new members can sign up any time we have space to add them.

What does CSA stand for?
The term CSA means Comunity Supported (or Shared) Agriculture. It is a ‘shared risk and reward’ agreement in that the consumers receive what the farmers grow even with the vagaries of seasonal growing.

One Time Fee: There is a 10$ surcharge on the first three orders placed by all new members, whether they sign on for a year, or just a week to try it out. This fee helps covers the administration time it takes to set up each individual CSA share when we add a new member.

Meats: We will provide meats that are all raised on pasture. Pork, Beef, Veal, Lamb, Mutton, Broiler chickens, Cornish hens, Stewing hens, and Ducks are included in your CSA share over the year as they are seasonally available. Our Poultry and hogs receive a grain supplement, but all other animals are raised on grass and hay. All of our animals are raised without the use of soybeans. Read more here to learn why.

Pasture raised meats often have far more flavour and nutrition than feed-lot or confinement raised animals. They do best with slow and moist cooking methods. Cuts of meats we typically offer are roasts, ground, stew cubes, and occasionally some sausages, steaks, and chops. Wondering about our veal? Learn more about our happy veal here.