Our Broiler Chickens

Ontario's only Certified Organic soybean-free Pasture Raised chicken

Our broilers are raised outdoors on pasture, fresh air and plenty of sunlight! They receive a local Certified Organic Soybean-free grain feed to supplement all the fresh grass and bugs they eat. They live in movable, floor-less shelters that allow the birds fresh pasture daily, while protecting them from predators and harsh weather.

These birds will be flavourful, low in cholesterol, and high in Omega-3’s. They are fabulous roasted, BBQ’d, or broiled, and make great soup stock. Ask us about our organic poultry rubs! Our broilers are only raised during the summer months. Our chicken is available through our Whole Farm CSA.

We also raise Cornish hens (very small broiler chickens), and in 2017, our small flock of Ridley Bronze Turkey's will be ready to produce some tasty treats for our CSA Members!