Bone Broth

 Enjoy a full selection of certified organic
 soybean free meats such as pork, beef,  
 chicken, Cornish hens, stewing hens, ducks
 and lamb. All our animals have year
 round access to the great outdoors and
 LOTS of grass in the spring, summer, 
 and fall!

 The best way to prepare meats from full flavoured
 grass-fed meats is generally slow cooking methods that
 use miost, low heat.

 In our CSA we offer basic cuts like roasts, ground meats,
 stew cubes, ribs, sausage, organ meats, soup
 bones, and occasionally value added products such as:

 -Smoked hams, bacon slices, and bacon slabs

 -Sausage (Farmers, Chorizo, Maple, & Bratwurst)

Smoked Bacon

 -Lard for frying or baking

 -Bone broth from chicken, pork, veal, & beef

All of our meats and value added products are available through our Whole Farm CSA only.