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Farrow to Finish: Pigs on your Organic Farm

If you would like to know more about small scale organic pork production, this is the book for you! This is a basic handbook that is well suited to those with hobby farms and small organic farms who would like to raise pigs year round. It is also a great guide for those that wish to learn more about keeping their own pigs for breeding stock. 

Farrow to Finish Cover

Easy to read and understand, this book will cover topics such as: 

  • Considerations before adding pigs, 
  • Sourcing breeding stock,
  • What to look for in breeding pigs, 
  • Feeding pigs for market and for breeding,
  • Moving pigs on your farm and pasture rotation,
  • Fencing and housing, 
  • Culling,
  • Raising pigs in cold climates,
  • Preventative pig care, and more!

Learn how you can best integrate organically managed pigs into your specific farm environment, even on a shoestring budget.

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