Comments and Links

Things people have said about us, and some links we like.

Its our wonderful customers that make the hard days easier to manage.
Thank you for your support! Here's what they have to say:

"Your chicken is so good it needs a warning label."

"I think there is real therapeutic value in knowing who grew your medicine or food."
-David H.

"Please don't stop all your hard work, my family needs your food!"

"Zero, zip, zilch, nada."
-Ottawa Organic Farmers Market customer describing how our roasts don't shrink in the oven.

"We had a Funny Duck Farms Shoulder Roast to cook in the smoker for gourmet pulled pork sandwiches, but we also decided to do a taste test with a grocery store-bought shoulder and compare. The Funny Duck Farm roast was delicious and juicy and needed very little sauce or condiments, however, the grocery-store bought roast needed an entire bottle of BBQ sauce to add flavour and moisture. Funny Duck Farms pork is a delicious opportunity for you and your family - don't miss out."
-Erin Coffin, Chef and Sommelier, W&E Catering and Sommelier Services


Links we like:

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The Organic Experiment

Weston A. Price Foundation

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