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Posted 10/16/2013 12:09am by Samantha .

(Copied from our old newsletter)
Time for another update! We had a great spring on the farm, and the gardens, pastures and animals are all off to a good start.

With the help of some woofers and helpxers (thank you Sarah and Christin!), we had the gardens and greenhouses planted in perfect time to benefit from the warm temperatures and the spring rains that came a bit later than normal this year.

Thanks to an early spring thaw, we had our Jersey and Dexter cow out on pasture in April this year. The grass is growing so well, we may even have to help them with cutting it back! Our Dexter, Winnie, had a beautiful bull calf at the end of May. This is her second calf, and both were bull calves! We hope to get an A2/A2 heifer from her next year. Summer, our A2/A2 Jersey cow, is due later this season, and we are hoping for a heifer. We'll keep you posted on that. ;-)

Our hens are as productive as ever, and producing what we are told by our customers to be 'the best eggs ever.' We have the best customers ever! This fall there will be stewing hen available, to make the best chicken stock ever!

All our heritage hogs are out in their summer area which is a few acres of woods, meadows, and some lovely cool wallows. As we have added more sows to our farm, we may now finally be able to meet the demand for sides of pork, sausage, and still have enough for the Ottawa Organic Farmers Market, (that has a shiny new website by the way!)

We had our first flock of broiler chickens, smaller than we had hoped, but VERY healthy and beautiful! This was our first year growing them without using soy beans in their feed. We have started another flock of chickens, and they should be ready late July. 

We have a public farm tour set for Sunday August 19th at 2pm. Please send us an email if you would like to attend.

There is lots more to talk about, but chores are calling, so it will have to wait! Have a great summer!