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Falling for Autumn

Posted 10/12/2014 10:00am by Samantha Klinck.

This is the time of year I love.  

There is a beauty to be seen and felt outdoors this time of year like no other. Yes, the days are getting shorter and colder. Yes, Old Man Winter slowly skulks and slouches ever closer to us, his cold and boney fingers ready to grip us in ice and snow, but for the moment, Autumn holds firm.  

The trees, in one last triumphant show of their splendour bring forth shades and designs that only artists can dream of. The wind rustles their leaves and you can hear them whisper stories of summer memories long past.  

The perfect autumn days are the ones you can see how the sun, now slung low in the sky, practically lights the trees on fire. The blaze and arrays of red, yellow, and orange are enough to make your heart pound and your mind swoon with the beauty of it all. Days where most of the leaves still cling to the branches in defiance against the change of season, whilst others rain down in submission to autumn in a shower of movement and colour, skittering across country roads and fields, like mice running for the shelter of their nests.  

The rolling fields are golden brown with crops yet to be harvested. The meadow and pasture grasses have slowed their growing. They are a deep, rich green from the cool nights and sunny days, diligently sending all their energies below the soil surface to their roots in preparation for the winter to come.  

The animals winter coats become more noticeable each day, as they too feel the internal and unstoppable pull of autumn. All the small birds of the meadows and fields that have been flocking for weeks gather into larger and larger groups, readying for their great journey. For time to time, one of these large assemblies takes to an indescribably blue sky, reeling and rolling in an impressive flight across a backdrop of perfectly formed clouds.  

Wood has been stacked, gardens laid bare, animals have been fattened, and the larder is full from the harvest collected and stored. Families and friends gather together to feast and celebrate and give thanks. And for a short while longer, we can ignore winters approach, and the work it entails to enjoy these brilliant, most wondrous autumn days.  

This, is the time of year I love.    

Photo by Jen Hart

Photo credit: Jen Hart