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Autumn brings new things too. (Our first blog entry)

Posted 10/16/2013 12:14am by Samantha .

It late. Very late. Too late for a farmer who needs to be up really early kind of late. It's autumn, a very busy time of year, and there's lots to be done before the snow flies, and there's much change afoot.

In the span of about 6 months, we've increased our land area, our herds, our staff, our self sufficiency, we've ended some CSA programs, started up a new one, and there's a new website to boot.

I hope you will bear with me through my farmer wanderings that I will commit to page here in the form of a blog. The prior blog entries are old newsletters from our farm, but I'd like this space to be a place for me to tell you of my observations whilst tending the land. A place where I can tell you things I've learned. A place where I can share the daily joys and sorrows of this farm.

And I hope that in some way it will help connect you more to the food we lovingly grow for you.